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Ask Her: Rachel Bilson


RACHEL BILSON from Doug Liman’s Jumper, Tony Goldwyn’s The Last Kiss, and fan favorite series The O.C., Hart of Dixie, and Nashville


What gets a woman’s attention in a dating profile? What details are you really looking for? How does one stand out from the rest? – K R-L  


I can’t say that I’ve been on dating apps, BUT I can say the thing that always stands out to me is a sense of humor. If you can make a girl laugh, for me at least, it’s the quickest way to get my attention. Be real, humble, genuine and that goes for pictures as well as words.

When adding photos to your profile please avoid the shirtless clickbait— leave some things a surprise. I’d much rather see a picture of someone eating a cheeseburger or sitting in his favorite lazy boy recliner.

Talk about your interests but never be too embarrassed to show who you really are, you don’t have to say your favorite movie is Clockwork Orange if it’s, in fact, Down Periscope. The real things will leave more of an impact. Trust me if I read your favorite movie is Down Periscope, I’d laugh and want to learn more.