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Ask Her: Sarah Shahi


Actress SARAH SHAHI from Showtime’s City on a Hill, Netflix’s upcoming Sex/Life, and DC’s Highly-Anticipated Black Adam


Why do women think it’s ok to scroll when you show them something on your phone? – SS. 


What can I say about my kind other than we are curious kittens. I’m not agreeing with this sleuthing behavior, because it definitely signals insecurities and mistrust, and I’m a firm believer in maintaining privacy, even when you have nothing to hide. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you give it all up.

And I get it – I mean, damn it, we want dinners, jewelry, flowers, balloons…the least you should be able to have is your phone, am I right? But here’s the thing, if your girl is scrolling through your phone when all you wanted her to do is pick which movie to go see, try approaching it with some sensitivity. She’s obviously feeling insecure about something, so just a little reassurance about how you only have eyes for her would go a long way.

If Perry Mason persists, maybe you have a larger conversation on your hands. I’ll say this though…keep in mind, the ideal relationship has absolutely nothing to hide. A more serious or long term partner, say, your wife or the mother of your children, should be able to pick up your phone without alarms going off in your head. And vice versa.

So before you go gaslighting her, maybe just do a little self-check, and make sure you aren’t actually doing anything to provoke this sort of suspicion.