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Ask Her: Praya Lundberg


PRAYA LUNDBERG the Bangkok, Thailand native and Under Armour brand ambassador was named Southeast Asia’s first UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2017 and has been featured in covers for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel and Grazia, as well as multiple campaigns. She will next be seen in Bruce Willis and John Travolta’s fourth film together, Paradise City.


I’ve had a lot of relationships not work out and feeling a little over it and defeated. From a woman’s perspective, what does it take to find “the right person”?


I’ve had a lot of periods in my life that I have felt deeply insecure, and I really started to doubt myself—especially in my early 20’s about why I haven’t found the right person and why are all my relationships failing. But in my experience, the only way you can find the right person is to actually first be the right person for yourself and focus on making yourself happy. I feel a lot of people, including myself, in the past put so much emphasis on finding someone that checks all their boxes in terms of requirements for a relationship, but the most important relationship they will ever have is actually with themselves.

I believe that even if you found the right person but you were just needing them to fill a void within yourself, the relationship would not work because no one can fill you with confidence, joy and contentment—except yourself. The more time we spend working on ourselves and on our strengths and weaknesses, the happier we will become as people. Use this time, instead of focusing on finding the right person, to focus on yourself. You are whole, complete and deserve nothing less than the best. You can be the best for yourself.

Here are some things that I would suggest that I did with my life over the past few years since I’ve been single. 1. Start committing to working out and eating healthier, so that physically you feel good and mentally, and your mind can get a lot of clarity. 2. You can make plans with your friends and family. Devote yourself to the people you love and let them show you how loved and valued you are with or without a romantic partner in your life. 3. As things are slowly returning to a new normal, find an opportunity to go to the places or do the things you have always dreamed of doing. New experiences and experiencing different cultures helps us learn more about ourselves, but also gives us joy. I love traveling alone, it really builds self esteem. 5. Commit to hobbies and career goals.

There is so much that life has to offer and things for us to learn and feel excited about. I find the less emphasis we put on looking for the right person and the more comfortable we are with ourselves, the happier we will be. And I truly believe it’s when you stop looking, questioning, and forcing that the universe will bring you something or someone magical.