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Ask Her: Mickey Sumner


MICKEY SUMNER, from Frances Ha, Battle of the Sexes, and TNT’s new series Snowpiercer


How much does the way a man dresses matter to a girl? I am pretty clueless about style and don’t have a ton of money to spend on clothes these days. -C.I. 


My husband has been known to show up to events wearing Bernie Sanders’ onesies & no shoes —no joke. I have photos. And it doesn’t bother me for a second. Perhaps I’m a weirdo, but here is what I know: you definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes to have style. I’m all for the “does it spark joy?” wardrobe. If you love the clothes that hang from your body, and you feel damn hot in them, and they give you swagger, or a calm inner confidence—you’re golden, and no one is gonna fuck with that.

If you are hiding in baggy clothes, or wearing things that make you feel less than, I’m gonna say take those items to Goodwill, and then spend some quality you-time working out what would make you feel great every morning. Maybe think less about “style”; think about what textures feel good on your skin, what colors you love, go shopping with friends whom you trust and whose style you admire, and ask them for help!

My last piece of advice is take your existing clothes to a tailor! Make all your clothes fit your body perfectly. It’s cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe.