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Ask Her: Lorenza Izzo


Actress LORENZA IZZO from Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Penny Dreadful, and Knock Knock


Where does one take a date during a pandemic, when the bars are closed, people are nervous to go to restaurants, and hiking makes everyone gross and sweaty? – N.K. 


I think you have to start with accepting the fact that no date during this pandemic will be “normal” or “ordinary” and that should be a good thing! I feel like first dates can be so awkward in general that, in this scenario, the awkwardness is obvious and it’s not pertaining only to you—it’s a global pandemic.

Once you’ve done that, and you’re feeling awkwardly confident, let loose and be creative! As long as it’s safe for both of you, and make sure to check in with her levels of comfort before proposing any plans.

So with that spiel out of the way, I’d suggest a sunset walk on the beach. You can both drive and meet there, bring a bubbly of some sort and enjoy the view! If that’s toooo romantic (sorry I love the romance), go on a walk (not hike) in a park. Google parks that are open and go places you haven’t gone out in the open. It’s THE time to hang in nature so I’d take advantage of our outdoors.

Or if you have a yard, do a picnic luncheon in a backyard, or set up a projector (if you happen to have one) and set up an outdoor movie.

I personally find it really cool if there’s some thought put into a date, and that doesn’t have to mean trying too hard, it just means caring and being creative.

Good luck out there!