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Ask Her: Laura Harrier


LAURA HARRIER the Chicago-native caught Peter Parker’s eye in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, then went on to portray a civil rights activist in BlacKkKlansman and a 1940s actress in Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood. Currently an ambassador to Louis Vuitton, she will next be starring alongside Melissa McCarthy in Netflix’s The Starling.


What’s something you wish men knew without having to tell them?


I wish men knew how beautiful a quality it is to be able to express themselves. Society seems to have conditioned men to think that showing any shades of vulnerability or sensitivity makes them weak. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of signs that suggest an evolution of sorts, but there still seems to be an underlying aversion to showing your emotional cards.

It’s no secret that a lot of relationship problems occur due to a lack of communication. I never want to feel as though I’m having one-sided discussions. Sitting down and having a conversation about wants and needs is far sexier than skating by on six-pack abs and a chiseled jawline.

Using your intellect to inspire interesting conversation is one thing but talking over or down to me is another. Deep conversation with girlfriends is irreplaceable, yet every once in a while, I might want to bend your ear on a topic or two that might not be up your alley and would appreciate your attention—even if it’s about “90 Day Fiance” from time to time.

Instead of just relying on performative acts of feminism or chivalry on social media, get back to basics. Listen to what we have to say. It’s really that simple.