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Ask Her: Lana Condor


LANA CONDOR The Vietnamese-born American actress, first seen as the firework-launching Jubilee in X-Men Apocalypse, broke out big in the coming-of-age cultural phenomenon—Netflix’s To All the Boys trilogy, based on the books of the same name. Here, the star took time out from filming HBO Max’s new sci-fi film Moonshot to answer our reader’s question.


What is your ideal for your perfect date?


The perfect first date would be seeing an outdoor movie at the Hollywood cemetery and you could bring a picnic or charcuterie board and still be able to talk a little because it’s outdoors! And you can gauge whether or not he is respectful to you around others. You could set out pillows and a blanket and keep it cute and cozy. And it gives the opening to cuddle and also give the opening just to let her do her own thing. And if you see a comedy she can gauge your sense of humor and if it’s completely for her or not based on your laughs!