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Ask Her: Krysten Ritter


Actress KRYSTEN RITTER from Marvel’s Jessica Jones and AMC’s Breaking Bad


How do you approach a woman in today’s day and age if you are interested in dating her? – Anonymous 


These are such unprecedented and challenging times for everyone. Navigating dating is hard enough—and add in a global pandemic, stay at home orders, and masks? Woof!

However, since dating also does occupy a lot of brain space, what better time to get something going and have a little fun! I say if you’re interested in someone GO FOR IT. All the old rules go out the window. Put a little time and thought into it (what do we have but time these days!) Get creative! Make a video, make a playlist, communicate clearly, and put yourself out there.

Don’t rely solely on communicating over text or social media though.

Be upfront about what you want and go the extra mile to get her attention. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and a sense of humor so take a swing. What do you have to lose!