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Ask Her: Julia Stiles


JULIA STILES the New York born and raised, iconic actress from The Bourne Identity films, the undying teen cult favorite 10 Things I Hate About You, and Showtime’s Dexter—which earned her Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Most recently, she starred alongside Kelsey Grammar in the medical ethics drama The God Committee.


How long is too long for a beard?


A beard is very site-specific, it depends on what suits you. It also seems like kind of an investment. You know how women spend a lot of time on their hair? Well, if you have a beard, you better spend time on it too. Like grooming, shaping, conditioning, shape the beard and take care of it. Comb it, even if it’s short, and if it’s long enough to get tangled, I say too long. Also if you get food stuck in it more often than not, cut it! Then again, I thankfully do not have a beard, so I have no idea how the thing works.