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Ask Her: Floriana Lima


Actress FLORIANA LIMA from Supergirl, ABC’s A Million Little Things, and Marvel’s The Punisher


Why do women like to read fiction so much? Seems like men don’t really read fiction unless they have to for school or work. – S.T. 


Interesting question. I personally read both fiction and nonfiction. And I do know some men who read both fiction and non. So I guess it’s all relative. But I see why you ask. I am definitely more drawn to a good novel than nonfiction. And my girlfriends and I could probably think of certain novels that played an important role in the formative moments of our lives.

I’m sure there is a perfectly reputable scientific study out there, stating the mind-blowing correlations and differences between the literary preferences of the two sexes. But if you ask me, here’s what I think: women are entertained by the romance of a different, idyllic world that will satisfy their inner visionary. Of course, some men are also entertained by fiction in the same way, but I do think it’s a bit different.

There is something truly unique about the way women take in and process make-believe. It’s a way to escape and explore a story outside of our own, emotionally and intellectually. Like a vacation. We transport ourselves right into the story, in solitude, in the comfort of our own bed, a coffee shop, plane ride, park, or beach—wondering how we would live and behave given the circumstances of a certain historical period or the completely made-up world the author has laid out for us.

We’ll fall deeply in love with certain characters, and absolutely loathe others, while fully investing and dreaming about the scenery. We laugh hard, cry harder, or become strangely furious at the twists and turns— and no two women will see the same world in a book, and we love that. It is our own.

We’ll form book clubs to talk about it and hear our friends’ opinions, diving deeper into the drama of this alternative universe. There really is nothing like a good book for us ladies. So if I could sum it up, I’d say, we love the intimacy and personal journey we get from fiction.

I’m not sure if that answers your question, or just confirms that we do, in fact, really like to read fiction. But maybe now, when you see a woman with her nose buried in her book, you can understand better what’s going on in her head.