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Ask Her: Boys World


BOYS WORLD The group released their debut EP, While You Were Out, in April—surpassing 6 million streams on Spotify and making it to  #1 on Amazon’s Music’s Breakthrough Pop playlist. Most recently, they released their latest track, Something In The Water.


How do you respectfully end a relationship when there’s nothing specifically wrong but it just doesn’t feel right anymore?


Outgrowing a relationship is very real and you shouldn’t feel bad for making the right decision for yourself. The right decision can sometimes be difficult, but staying somewhere you don’t belong is even harder. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about how you feel.

It’s good to reflect and analyze your own feelings before approaching your partner and having the conversation. After you’ve dug deep into your inner emotions and have a grasp on them, it’s time to talk. Good communication and respect for each other is key in this situation. Don’t let the other person’s opinions and feelings affect your decision. You should still listen to them and offer emotional support throughout the conversation, however, remember that you have outgrown the relationship and it’s time to focus on yourself now.