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Ask Her: Ayelet Zurer


AYELET ZURER, the Israeli actress first gained notice when Steven Spielberg cast her in Munich, then went on to star in Ron Howard’s Man of Steel opposite Russell Crowe, Angels & Demons opposite Tom Hanks, and in Netflix’s Daredevil, among others. She currently stars in the title role of the Apple TV+ original limited series Losing Alice, and is shooting Season 3 of Netflix’s fan favorite, You. 


Stanford University recently did a study showing there are differences in the brains of males and females; men’s and women’s brains are wired differently, and as a result we behave differently in general. What are the top three ways you find men and women to be different?


Males and females of any kind are different. We are physically built differently, our hormonal mechanisms differ. We have thousands of years of evolution behind us, add some cultural dogmas—and it all adds up to brains that are wired very differently.

Something I’ve observed from knowing men of all types is that most have a “man cave.” A room, somewhere, just for them. Some have booze in there, some art, some video games. If they can afford it, chances are they have one. Women on the other hand, don’t seem to have a tendency for this. At the most, they might have a “room of her own” to write or create. But it makes for an interesting example of the different needs of men and women and what appeals to them.

Having said all that, I feel that these sorts of stigmas are problematic in this day and age. We are an ever-changing life form. We evolve and so do our brains. It’s best not to approach it from that viewpoint of men vs women.