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Scott Eastwood’s Austin City Guide

It’s been a very popular year for Austin, Texas. With everyone from young hipsters to big tech moving in, the place is booming—but thankfully, it has yet to lose any of its cool town charms. California-born, Hawaii-raised Scott Eastwood made a home for himself there long before the surge, moving in five years ago after visiting for nearly two decades. The city seems to suit him just fine—with his roguish, old school cowboy vibes and relaxed nature. Here, we asked the The Outpost actor, who’s got a slew of new films coming out—including Guy Ritchie’s new action thriller Wrath of Man– to guide us through some of his favorite spots in the city that keeps it weird.

Wrath of Man is out in theaters and VOD today, Friday May 7th.


“I’ve been coming here since I was 19. I’m 35 now. I’ve been coming ever since I went to visit my buddy’s sister who was in college there, and we were just young kids going to a party. I fell in love with the vibe, really. The people are cool. There’s not a lot of pretentiousness. The women are beautiful. Everyone is nice and fun. I don’t know; I’d just had enough of California. I was done with it. Now everyone seems to be coming here. It scares me.”

“The area is little more youthful, as far as going out and going to bars. They’re a little on the side of hipsters, but it’s not California hipsters.”

“Cool area and a little more family-friendly.”

“Good for shopping and walking around. It is kinda touristy, but it’s still pretty cool.”

“Has a little bit of everything. It’s got nice high end restaurants, but then you could also go to just whatever bar is on 6th—which is like the Bourbon Street of Austin. But it’s definitely a lot younger. I don’t think you would want to be there in your 40s.”

“Really touristy. It’s really big for bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s really fun on Sundays or just day drinking and hanging out because all the bars are in these old historic houses.”

“Collegey. You go there for games, to go see UT play.” 


Hotel San José

“Hotel San Jose is cool, it’s a little more minimal, and it’s smaller. All the units are ground level, which I like. They feel like little bungalows.”

hotel san jose austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of San José Hotel

1316 S Congress Ave/ South Congress/ 512.444.7322

South Congress Hotel

“It’s got a little more happening. It has a few different restaurants. There’s a high-end sushi restaurant in the back. So you have a few different options which are cool, but it’s also not in downtown; it’s south of the river, which is better in my opinion.”

south congress hotel austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of South Congress Hotel

1603 S Congress Ave/ South Congress/ 512.920.6405


El Patio

“My favorite Mexican joint is El Patio. It’s been around for 60 years, and my buddy owns it. It’s super cool and up by campus. It’s no pretentious bullshit.”

el patio austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of El Patio

293 Guadalupe St /West Campus/ 512.476.5955


“Pretty awesome sushi. It’s on North Lamar and is a sister restaurant to Uchi. I like it because it’s less crowded and less of a nightmare to get to.”

best sushi austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Uchiko

4200 N Lamar Blvd / Austin/ 512.916.4808


Broken Spoke

“The Broken Spoke is classic if you’ve never been line dancing or to a real old school cowboy bar.”

broken spoke austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Broken Spoke

3201 S Lamar Blvd / Austin/ 512.442.6189


“They have something for everybody. If you want to be outside, or if you want to be candlelit inside with awesome craft cocktails and a tequila bar upstairs, it’s great. You can check a lot of boxes in one place.”

whislers cocktails austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Whisler’s

1816 E 6th St / Eastside/ 512.480.0781


Stubb’s Bar-B-Q

“This is probably my favorite. It’s outdoors. It’s chill. It’s not a hoopla to get into. It’s an old school place.”

stubbs bar-b-q austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Stubbs Bar-B-Q

801 Red River St/ Downtown/ 737.465.1218


Bass Pro Shop

“Bass Pro Shop is kind of out of town, but it’s probably the best man shop on the planet.”

bass pro shop on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Bass Pro Shop

200 Bass Pro Dr / Round Rock/ 512.876.2700

Allen’s Boots

“Lucchese, which you can get at Allen’s, makes my favorite pair of boots, for sure. They were my favorite boots way long before I ever lived in Texas. They’re the best cowboy boots anywhere.”

allens boots on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Allen’s Boots

1516 S Congress Ave/ South Congress/ 512.447.1413


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema South Lamar

“Alamo Draft House on South Lamar is a pretty awesome place to see a movie. It’s not a fancy, fancy place. It’s not like a Cinepolis or something. What it lacks in the best seats and all of that, it makes up for in character and having top quality food. They have pretty amazing food offerings like truffle parmesan popcorn—that’s pretty bomb.”

alamo drafthouse cinema on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

1120 S Lamar Blvd / Austin/ 512.861.7040

Swimming in Lake Austin

“Head up all the way to Lake Austin to the top of the dam and go swimming in the really cold water up there. That’s the best.”

lake austin on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of RootsRated

Golfing at Austin Country Club

“Austin Country Club is a fun spot to golf—you’ll need friend who’s a member.”

austin country club golf course on LEO edit
Photo Courtesy of Dell Match Play

4408 Long Champ Dr/ Austin/ 512.328.0090

Editor’s Note: Some of the activities, hotels, and restaurants listed on our website may be currently closed due to Covid health restrictions. We urge you to check before visiting and to exercise caution and follow CDC guidelines if traveling or visiting any of our recommendations.



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