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You Need a Workwear Jacket

Call it a chore jacket. A field jacket. A work jacket. Call it what you will, but get one. It’s the perfect transitional jacket to take you right into spring. Not only is it durable and functional (what will you do with all those pockets), but it’s just cool in that understated French guy way. It’s a little Cousteau. A little Picasso. A little Cool Hand Luke. It says, maybe you’ll be painting later (art or a fence, it’s up to you). Maybe you’ll be hammering something around the house cause you’re just that handy. Maybe you’ll go to the fish market, and pick up some brown paper-wrapped flowers and a baguette on the way home before typing up your novel. Maybe you’ll cook up a fresh lobster tonight. Or bake some bread. Or haul some wood logs (that you may or may not have chopped yourself). Or you’ll just be leisurely bicycling around the city like the casual-but-elegantly-effortless dude that you are. And yes, you can even wear one to, you know, work. The possibilities are endless.

There are too many out there to choose from. Some great. Some not so great. No worries, we did the work for you. Below, The LEO Workwear Jacket Edit. And we even show you how to wear it. Lifestyle sold separately.


french patchwork blue jacket on LEO edit

1960s French Patchwork Blue Jacket $325

japanese inigo plant dyed heavyweight sashiko jacket on LEO edit

Japanese Indigo Plant Dyed Heavyweight Sashiko Jacket $201


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