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You Need a Sweater Vest

The sweater vest has been crawling towards a comeback for at least three years now, but in my not-so-humble stylist opinion, it never left. It has always looked smart as hell over a button-up or under a suit. And its latest incarnation as somewhat of a ‘90s throwback—a little oversized, perfectly slouchy, and worn over a t-shirt—is cooler than ever. More boldly, if you’re feelin’ yourself, go with nothing but a subtle silver chain, bare arms, and confident strut as recently showcased on the young, handsome, and perennially good-natured Shawn Mendes.

No matter how you choose to sport it: the sweater vest is here and it’s the perfect transitional item. Moreover, it’s more clever, comfortable, and less cowboy than a suit vest and even makes for a great office look. In short, you absolutely need one. Below, we give you our current favorites.

Pro Tip: when wearing over a button-up, make sure your shirt sleeves, which will be on full display, are perfectly tailored. Slim all the way down and hitting at just the hinge of your wrist. Or, in a hurry (or without a tailoring budget), fold those sleeves neatly up to just right at or above your elbows.

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