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The Vacation Shoes Edit

The vacation shoe. You know the one. That perfectly easy, breezy, wear it anywhere, anytime shoe. The shoe whose back is always pressed flat since you can’t be bothered to put it on properly, cause you know, leisure. The shoe you can toss into your weekend bag on a moments’ notice, throw on with linen pants, jump on a last minute invitation to a friend’s boat (or your own, ftw), slip off at the beach, and even works poolside.

Not to mention, the answer to the age old question: what shoe looks great even with shorts? And yes, there’s flip flops and sandals of course, but what are we, savages (or worst, frat bros)? And of course there’s the very hard working loafer. Can’t wrong there. But we’re talking real leisure here people.

Below is a selection of our favorite vacation shoes that will work for any summer occasion, even if you’re not actually going anywhere worthy of your wardrobe.

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