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Slim Up Your Belt

We hate to make assumptions, but chances are, the belt you’ve been sporting is too big. We’re talking height here, to be clear. That big, thick leather belt you’ve owned since you bought it at Contempo Casuals back in 1997, not to mention that big square buckle that makes you look just that – like a big square – it’s killing your outfit.  Furthermore, if you think your belt is just there to hold up your pants, we’re here to tell you, you’ve got it all backwards. In fact, a good slim or skinny belt  can tie your whole look together.

A couple of tips: make sure your pants are well tailored regardless of your belt to avoid any bunching. Thin leather often looks better than thick and rigid. Lastly, you should shoot for a style between 2 to 2.5cm or less, and no bigger than 3.5cm. And if doing fashion math isn’t your thing, check out our edit of some of our favorite slim belts right now.

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