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On the hunt for: a Boilersuit

“We’re all going to die, so we might as well mess it up,” was Brad Pitt’s reply when asked about his recent crowning as new king of IDGAF sartorial prowess. At 58, his recent louche-but-effervescent style evolution has been prosed about ad nauseam in every style publication known to man, rhapsodizing each and every one of his fits, from skirts to red carpet shorts and technicolor linen suits. And justifiably so. The guy’s never looked better, or happier to get dressed. 

When he showed up last week on the streets of Harlem with his old Fight Club haircut no less, sporting a jewel-toned, plush, velour boilersuit with slip-on sneakers and toting a bright chartreuse pashmina under one arm, we were moved to do our own bit of rabid searching. 

Below, we present you the best boilersuits out there right now and how to wear them. Indeed, we are all going to die someday, so it might as well be in the same manner we began our own style journey: in a onesie.