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Kid Jewelry. But for Adults.

Even if you’ve never heard of “kidult” jewelry, the recent men’s trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down. And why not? It’s happy, playful, and nostalgic. And while most would admit to admiring the style prowess of a young star like Harry Styles (an early adopter of the trend), they would also agree they can’t pull off what he can.

On the other hand, as a stylist, I get a lot of queries from average Joes, which can for the most part be summed up as, “How can I dress like Ryan Reynolds?” From his facial hair and tortoise glasses to his suede trucker jackets and professor suits, they want a piece of the magic that makes Reynolds’ look so consistently cool. The effortless, low-key factor of his style feels like something the average guy might actually be able to achieve. So when he showed up for press a few weeks back sporting a cluster of colorful plastic beaded bracelets beside his Apple Watch, suddenly it felt like maybe you didn’t have to be a young Gucci-sporting pop star to pull it off.

Hence, many inquiring minds wanted to know where they could get their hands on some (don’t believe me? I have the texts and DM’s to prove it). Sadly for them, the designer was none other than the actor’s young kids. A lot of “awww”‘s followed by “Darn.”

So here we are. If you can’t talk the kid in your life into making you some, we’ve assembled our favorite men’s “kidcore” or “kidult” jewelry (someone please come up with less dreadful names for this trend) to bring a bit of cheeky cheer to your wardrobe.

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