The Rock’s Groomer on How to Achieve a Flawless Bald Head

There’s an art to owning a bald head. You would be hard pressed to find someone who nails this quite as iconically as Dwayne Johnson. We asked his groomer, Joanna Ford—whose clients also include Justin Bieber, Scott Eastwood, Sam Heughan, Matt Bomer, and Kevin Bacon—to walk us through the steps to getting a glorious bald head you can flaunt proudly.

“You absolutely need these products. In this order.”


“An exfoliating brush to prep and minimize ingrown hairs. These brushes lift the hair to prepare the follicle for shaving.”


“Braun series 7. If you are new to shaving your head and are worried about nicks and cuts. This razor does an amazing job.

Then apply Tend skin post shaving to any ingrown hairs or pimples. This is the miracle zapper.”


“Supergoop matte sunscreen. It’s absolutely necessary to moisturize and protect your skin especially on your head. Try to find a matte sunscreen to decrease excess sheen. Natural is always better.”


“If you do happen to have any imperfections a waterproof foundation stick is your best friend. I love the Hourglass foundation stick. It last 12 hours and really does stay put.”

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