How to Tame That Curly Hair

We were recently inspired by all the different styles of curly mops spotted on the runways from Fall 21 to the more recent Spring 22 shows. Hermes’ Spring 22 runway, in particular, had an array of curly styles ranging from short to long and everything in between. But as much as we love a mane of curls, we also know how hard it can be to maintain—particularly with the gift of humidity, courtesy of the summer months.

To walk us through the best products, hair care routine and cuts for curly hair, we called on Andrea Pezzillo. The LA-based celebrity groomer and hairstylist not only works on all manner of editorial and manages the locks of a variety of actors from Harry Shum Jr. and Justin Hartley to Viggo Mortensen and Andy Serkis (who knows a thing or two about maintaining curls)—but she’s also the Founder and CEO of Trade-Works Foundation, a charity that teaches creative trades, like Hair styling and Barbering, to disadvantaged youths globally.

“Natural texture is in. Whether you are wearing your waves or locks, natural texture is here to stay. This is a good thing, and once you figure out how to manage your curls, you will appreciate your hair.

The good thing for men is that you can get away with a bit of grease or messiness in your hair. There is fun in the flexibility of it all. I do know that curly hair can be hard to figure out and most men just try to tame their texture the best they can. The following will help you wear. your curly hair, feel confident, and make it as easy as possible for your morning mirror time.”

Photo Courtesy of Hermes


“There are soooo many products out there and each one will work differently on everyone’s hair.  So if you have tried many and still don’t love your options, it’s not you… it’s the product.”

When putting the product into your hair make sure of the following: 

  1. Your hair needs to be wet. Product absorbs best in wet hair
  2. Work the product through your hair well. I suggest putting it in your hands like a moisturizer first, then rub it into all of your curls.  
  3. Use your hands to form your curls and keep them intact.  


  1. When figuring out whether to grow out your curls or not, remember that weight pulls curls down so the longer your hair the looser your curl may become. It is important to have a good shape cut into your hair even if you wear it longer.
  2. Try not washing your hair daily. Let the oils get through it. Letting it rest a day or two in between shampoo’s. 
  3. If you want to dry your hair before leaving the house a diffuser will be your friend. This is an attachment that goes at the end of a blow dryer to dry your curls and not increase frizz.  
  4. Curly hair tends to be dry so it is important that you use both shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Try finding one that says it hydrates hair!
  5. Don’t stress – you will get the hang of your curls and less = more. Try a few styles, products and you will find what works best for you.  


“The next key topic is the foundation, Which means your haircut! A proper haircut is super important for curly hair. I know sometimes it can be hard to know what to tell your hairstylist so here’s a few tips in communicating with them.

Let’s start with removing the bulk, I suggest you ask your stylist to not use thinning shears. Thinning shears and razors when used incorrectly can make curly hair more frizzy. There are so many other cutting techniques that can remove weight in a more custom way, slicing and point cutting are a few suggestions. Of course, if you wear your hair pretty short you don’t have to worry so much about it getting bulky. 

One other thing is that it is important that your haircut works with your face shape. The best look for a masculine jawline is a square-shaped haircut. This is what I always try to achieve with my clients, and it grows out the best. Take a look online and find pictures of men who resemble your hair or face shape, this is a great way to look for hairstyles that you can show your stylist. That goes both ways, when looking for a hairstylist, try to find someone who has pictures of their work and you see hair similar to yours. This means that they have experience working with your hair texture, and that’s a good thing!”


Photo Courtesy of Amiri
Courtesy of Amiri
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Photo Courtesy of Kolor
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Photo Courtesy of Etro
Photo Courtesy of Etro
Photo Courtesy of Etro



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