How to Get a Make-Out Worthy Stache

First comes Fall, then Halloween and finally, slipped in right before Thanksgiving, comes the other most American (and less controversial) celebration—known as Movember. Whether you’re growing a fresh stache to be the smoothest-looking cat in the room or raising awareness of men’s health issues (such as supporting non-profits like the Movember Foundation), we realize the process of perfecting such hair artistry can be intimidating.

We spoke with Adam Causgrove—President and CEO of the American Mustache Institute—about the art of pulling off a mustache and a few of his favorite products to keep that facial hair soft enough for any make out sesh.

LEO: What constitutes a solid mustache?

ADAM CAUSGROVE: Here at the AMI we firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad mustache.

Who can pull off a mustache and who can’t?

The only people who can’t “pull off” a mouth brow are the cowards who wake up every morning and choose to rake a razor over their upper lip.

How do you suggest taking care of your mustache?

Proper maintenance and hygiene goes a long way, of course, but studies on campus within our Department of Nuclear Mustachology have shown that a diet rich in red meat, bourbon, and of course slow-pitch recreational softball can increase ones’ mustache girth by up to 41%.

Any go-to products? 

I am particularly fond of the products made by CanYouHandleBar out of Royal Oak, MI. As well as New York Beard & Co. products from Long Island, NY and have been keeping an eye on the fine work done by Honest Amish from NE Pennsylvania.

Any tips for making out with a mustache without giving your lady a rash?

A variety of oils exist to give ones’ mouth brow a more lush and velvety texture, as well as provide a variety of scents to augment the operator’s natural musk. The institutions noted above can provide all the products needed to keep your partner happy and your liability at a minimum.

What’s the one thing you wish you ‘knew before you grew’?

Using a specific comb for the stache is nice.