Ermenegildo Zegna Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Zegna’s Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show, A Path Worth Taking, depicts the brand’s future by portraying a new visual identity: their road—which originated in the mountains, crossing Oasi Zegna, a natural territory in Piedmont, Northern Italy. This road is Zegna’s inspiration as it defines their path and journey over the last 112 years. Known as 232, the road is an echo of the founder’s ethos and has been recreated by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori into a precise vision of the male wardrobe. Initiated one year ago, the redesign is finally settling into an organic language: a repertoire of new shapes and new functions merging aesthetics, ethics and performance. 

“I keep looking at the world through the Zegna lens. The reality we live in today requires adaptability; it asks us all to be fluid. Translating this idea into clothing means building a language of shapes and textures that grows and consolidates over time, matching the needs of the moment. The notion of the hybrid is one I keep exploring, because there’s progress in erasing staid categories”, says Sartori.

The contemporary collection looks and feels functional and individual, comfortable yet non-conformist; it has a kind of formality that can seamlessly switch from the great outdoors to life indoors. The tone is created through the layering and the fusion of shapes and functions: trapeze-shaped coats are worn over taped, technical silk inner shells; ripstop anoraks are made of wool; fine leathers are cut into shirts bonded in cashmere, worn either alone or under blazers, while pullovers and thick jumpers are meant as outerwear.

The blur between the great outdoors and life indoors is represented by effortless garments: tabarro coats and jackets, utilitarian jackets, parkas, anoraks and pullovers, trousers that taper at the hem.

The 2022 collection is like a film that constantly switches perspective—bringing about great contrast to the scenes of the great outdoors and the abstract, almost mental, interiors. Pineal shots and close-up details paired with all-surrounding shots culminate to depict an emotional celebration of human bonding. Featuring an exclusive performance of the French choreographer, Sadeck Waff, the craftmanship and 160 hands that manufactured the collection is apparent.  

The path of innovation and evolution is affirmed as the only one worth taking: Zegna’s road. Made in Italy.