Collab Drop: Roots of Fight X Ilaria Urbinati & Johnny Hunt

With Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, and Bruce Lee licensing deals, streetwear brand Roots of Fight has a cultish following with athletes and is often spotted on boxers, MMA stars, and the likes of Dana White at weigh-ins and The Rock’s various Instagram posts.


ROF’s graphics shine a light on legends of the fight world and other cultural icons, but their faithful following is due to meticulous tailoring and fabrics—we’re talking some of the most perfectly fitting sweatpants and tees in all the land.

All Photos By James Law, Courtesy of Roots of Fight


Yes, we’re a little biased. LEO Co-Founder Ilaria Urbinati (stylist to The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Donald Glover, Rami Malek and more) and her martial arts trainer Johnny Hunt—a world-ranked US Muay Thai champ who fought & trained for many years in Thailand, Japan, and China and now trains a long list of top celebrity clients.


The pair originally collaborated with ROF on a limited edition Muay Thai collection in 2019. For round two, they dropped new versions of their Legend Stadium Jacket, sweatpants and Tiger Script Tee, as well as introducing a tri-blend zip-up hoodie, thermal, canvas gym bag, and a knit sweatshirt as soft as the day is long. 


The collection is centered around “Boxing Day,” an annual celebration in Thailand, and the story of Nai Khanom Tom, considered the Godfather of Muay Thai.

According to legend, in 1774 Nai Khanom Tom was one of thousands of Siamese prisoners held by King Mangra after the Burmese invasion in the Ayutthaya Kingdom. 

When the king selected Nai Khanom Tom to fight against a Burmese fighter, he won by Knock Out, but the referee claimed the win invalid due to possible “sorcery.”

The King then sent in 9 more fighters, all of whom were defeated, one by one, without time breaks, at the hands of Nai Khanom Tom.

Impressed, King Mangra claimed Khanom Tom to be “blessed with venom.” He was pardoned and acknowledged as a hero. His fighting style became known as Siamese-Style Boxing, later to be known as Muay Thai—eventually recognized as a national sport.

The colors of the collection—red, white, and blue, were chosen in honor of Thailand’s flag.