In this day and age of click-bait and virtual clutter, it’s worth noting what LEO stands for.


  • is and will always be about content, never headlines.
  • will never violate a subject’s trust, twist their story, or take their words out of context for traffic.
  • will always adhere to integrity over profit.
  • is committed to diversity in our content and our staffing.
  • is not a news organization, nor a gossip site.
  • has no political inclinations or affiliations.

We are here to entertain, delight and inspire.


Dear LEO readers, 

For years, my friends and clients have been telling me to start a men’s website. There’s no better time than a global pandemic, right? 

LEO was born out of what I felt was missing from the editorial space for men. As far as I could tell, men’s websites have always catered to very specific types: Adventure Dude who likes to camp and buy gear but has possibly never picked up a book in his life; Fitness Man who eats a carton of egg whites for breakfast while wearing moisture-wicking shorts; and Tech Junkie who really wants to show you his new app. And sports. There are plenty of places to read about sports.

But the guys I know are multi-faceted, three-dimensional creatures with broadening interests. Yes, they love their football (and their futbol) but they also know their Kurosawa from their Kubrick. They can geek out on gaming as much as a great book. They follow MMA but reference podcasts in arguments. They’re involved in nuances of their kids’ lives. And if the endless text queries from male friends and clients is any indication, they like to stay up on the latest styles and brands. 

I wanted to create a space for those men. A space for men who are modern, adventurous, intellectually curious, and fluent in both sports and the arts. As a stylist, the best part of my job has always been helping men feel their best. I figured by tapping into the incredible artists and experts that I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with throughout my career, and sharing what they had to say, I could keep doing it.

So here we are. Welcome to LEO. Your new favorite newsletter and website for curated style, fitness, travel, sports, and dadhood. Full of good taste and bad jokes. We’re here to connect and guide on what to buy, what to wear, where to go, what to do, eat, try, and nerd out on right now. 

There will be guides to cities, knives, motorcycles, and grooming. And you’ll have no shortage of solid recommendations when it comes to books, film, music, gaming, and all that good stuff. 

In addition, 2 days a week, you will receive a newsletter. Receive one-must know item, 3 style recs from yours truly, and we’ll even help you beat your friends at trivial pursuit. 

No gossip, no news, no politics. No click-bait. No misleading headlines. No garbage. 

Trust us. You need this.

Ilaria Urbinati
LEO Chief Content Creator and Co-Founder