How to Amplify Your Fitness Routine With Skincare Legend Joanna Vargas

Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas, and author of 2020’s Glow From Within, is an absolute legend in the world of skincare. Her nature-meets-technology approach and commitment to plant-based ingredients and passion for science has made her one of the most sought-out estheticians and experts in the industry, and has garnered her an ardent following obsessed with her clean products and unique techniques. 

Amongst her cutting edge treatments: the patented LED RevitaLight Bed, developed from NASA studies that found LED lights heal the skin at a 300% faster rate, promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, and increases cellular metabolism. Joanna walks us through it and the rest of the treatments (available at her LA and NY salons, Ballancer Pro exclusive to NYC) she recommends to amplify all that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym.


“This treatment can be used as a warm-up to enhance circulation before a big game or workout, but it’s ideal for a full body recovery after a workout or game. It reduces inflammation, releases lactic acid build-up and toxins to boost recovery. My pro-athlete clients connect with the results while gaining some much needed chill time.”

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Photo Courtesy of Ballancer Pro.


“LED light increases cellular metabolism while reducing inflammation and speeding recovery time. Men love the ease of jumping in the bed for a 20 minute session while enjoying the results of the recovery!”

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Photos Courtesy of Joanna Vargas Spa.
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“Guys love boosting their workouts any way they can. Imagine laying in a bed while a machine helps you perform 20,000 crunches in only 30 minutes! Core strength is the key to high performance in any workout or training. It helps keep your back healthy and it maximizes your results. Whether you are a pro athlete or just wanting a more sculpted physique, this non-invasive, no downtime ab or glute workout is the best!”

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