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How to Send Flowers

Matty Heron of The Petal Workshop, whose clients include Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari, and Whitney Bromberg Hawkings of Flowerbx, who has 20 years of experience working with Tom Ford, guide us on how to nail the art of buying flowers for all occasions. Because, quite frankly, your sweetie deserves better than carnations.

The Ideal Valentine’s Day Flower

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings: The flowers that you send have such significance, so it’s important to consider the message you are trying to convey. Red roses signify passionate romantic love and are the most common gift on Valentine’s Day, as they scream of seduction. Pink roses are more delicate, representing a more tender sentiment, while tulips or ranunculus make a gentle nod to tradition but show creativity.

Matty Heron: The lovely, fragrant garden rose called White O’Hara—in shades of blush and minty white. An absolute compliment to every arrangement we send out.

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Photo Courtesy of Petal Workshop.

petal workshop on leo edit
Photo Courtesy of Petal Workshop.

It’s All In The Details


MH: A combination of whites, off-whites, creams, blush, sage, or mint green is always romantic and chic.

WBH: I personally love pink flowers on February 14th, as they demonstrate originality from the gifter while still acknowledging the sentiment and tradition of Valentine’s Day. Ballet Slippers Italian Ranunculus are my winter favorite, and imply creativity has gone into the gift. They are sure to delight as they open over the week with a beautiful display of petals. 


MH: A range of $175 to $225 ensures you’ll be sending an arrangement that is gorgeous, full, and lush. Especially around Valentine’s Day, when we experience increased costs from our suppliers.

WBH: I found flowers to be SO overpriced, which is one of the reasons I started Flowerbx. That said, nothing we send out skimps on style, quality or freshness, as those are of paramount importance. Our Valentine’s Day range starts at $85 as an entry price point for a bunch of tulips, which is generous enough in its presentation, so that it’s suitable for anyone from royalty to a movie star. Roses start at $110 for a gorgeous bunch, and then prices range from $155 for our rarer seasonal flowers like Italian Ranunculus or Anemones. 


MH: Nothing says romance more than gorgeous blooms in hues that are pale, dusty, and warm. A very unexpected and unique color palette, especially for Valentine’s Day. Especially when we add a pop of pale blue.

WBH: Our Pink Sweet Avalanche Rose is just about the most perfect flower that exists. It is impossible not to love it, it always performs and opens beautifully over time. The subtle shade means it appeals to absolutely any and everyone. Lastly, its price point is accessible for a premium flower and a jaw-dropping gift. It’s one of our bestsellers every single week of the year in every single country.

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Courtesy of Flowerbx.
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Courtesy of The Petal Workshop.
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Courtesy of Flowerbx.


MH: Generic blooms like carnations or baby’s breath are all flowers we don’t use.

WBH: I am not a fan of mixed bouquets. After working for Tom Ford for 20 years, I realized that all of the fabulous people in the world were sending single-stem bunches; Miuccia was sending only pale pink roses—no filler, no fuss; Anna [Wintour] sent white roses—no filler, no fuss; Karl [Lagerfeld] sent orchids; Calvin sent Calla lilies. So, I am not a fan of a mixed bouquet, in general. I think it is safe to opt for white, if in doubt, as white flowers work in any environment.

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Courtesy of Flowerbx.
flowerbx on LEO edit
Courtesy of Flowerbx.
flowerbx on LEO edit
Courtesy of Flowerbx.


WBH: Please, please, please change the water every day and re-trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. You will be able to enjoy your flowers for almost twice as long. Remove any foliage below the neck of the vase, as leaves drink water too and can steal the water from the flower head. Keep away from extreme heat or drafts and out of direct sunlight. 

MH: Avoid topping up water as this does not eliminate any bacteria that are present. Instead, dump out the old water and replace it with fresh, room-temperature water. We suggest placing the arrangement in a cool space, and removing stems as they inevitably wilt. 



MH: Free-flowing and gardenesque, featuring pastels.
WBH: Peonies.

MH: Autumn vibes. Rich & creamy shades of caramel, burgundy, and browns with darker shades of green.
WBH: Hydrangeas.

MH: Winter whites, creams, and a pop of salmon.
WBH: Italian Ranunculus.

MH: Dahlias.
WBH: Dahlia.


Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, Flowerbx:

ANNIVERSARY: It’s important for anniversary flowers to be personal. What’s his or her favourite flower? Know it by heart and send it on your anniversary every year so that it becomes a sort of lovely tradition. If you’re married, choose the flowers that featured most prominently at your wedding and write a sweet note about that day.

CONDOLENCES: White flowers are most often sent for condolences as they symbolize purity and hope. Lilies and white roses are the most traditional sympathy flowers and the most beautiful at a bereavement ceremony.

CONGRATULATIONS: There are no specific flowers for congratulations, per se, so the best rule of thumb is to stick with what’s seasonal. When in doubt, seasonal is always best and will show that knowledge and thought have gone into making the gift extra special.