Bringing the Hotel Home

For the last 10 years, Avenue Interior Design has specialized in the hospitality industry, designing and creating original identities for some of the biggest hotel chains in the world—such as MGM Resorts and sbe, and one-of-a-kind properties like the cool La Serena Villas in Palms Springs and The Ramble Hotel in Denver, to name a few. 

Their ability to create layered interiors that exude character made them the perfect go-to to walk us through recreating that hotel room life right in your own bedroom—from the perfect sheets to curating your art wall and designating “intentional” spaces.


Avenue Interior Design on LEO edit.
The Ramble Hotel. Photo Courtesy of Avenue Interior Design

“Whether you’re working with a small studio or a large estate, dedicate space intentionally within your home. Even small guest rooms have been purposefully planned to create a variety of spaces: the bed/nightstands create sleeping quarters. A multi-purpose desktop creates a workstation or place to grab a quick bite. And all you need is a simple lounge chair and ottoman to put your feet up and relax. “

Avenue Interior Design on LEO edit.
The Benson Hotel. Photo Courtesy of Avenue Interior Design

“You can do the same at home by taking a room and dividing it into dedicated quadrants or nodes of activity. A living room is classically made up of a seating grouping with side tables and a coffee table but you can easily add another dedicated activity if you add a desk height sofa back table to create a low profile space to plug in.”


Avenue Interior Design on LEO edit.
The Redbury South Beach. Photo Courtesy of Avenue Interior Design

“We are a big proponent of collecting art—whatever your budget. The most dynamic pieces in hospitality are those that create an element of surprise, intrigue or excitement. For your own residence, go ahead and curate your collection—you don’t have to put it all on display. Move the pieces from room to room after a few months or pair something together in an unexpected grouping.

We are currently in love with Angela Chrusciaki Blehm’s playful pieces that bring instant joy and a lot of color into every room.”


Avenue Interior Design on LEO edit.
The Palms. Photo Courtesy of Avenue Interior Design

“Sometimes what makes a great stay at a hotel so fabulous is your state of mind. Take cues from your most recent stay and unplug, unwind and indulge. Transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience by removing all the clutter on your countertop and leave out only the products you’re using day to day. Decluttering provides instant tranquility.

Make time to indulge: pour a bath, add organically scented sea salts, and take a minute to relax and reflect. Sometimes it’s actually the absence of energy that revitalizes.”


Avenue Interior Design on LEO edit.
Hilton Santa Monica. Photo Courtesy of Avenue Interior Design

West Elm

“Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set & Duvet. The set is available in perfect neutrals: white, flax (light sandy color) and platinum (a cool gray). My ‘pro tip’ would be to mix two colors to get more depth in the overall bed (duvet and pillowcases in white and sheeting and shams in flax for example). Linen sounds like it would be off-putting for bedding, however, these sheets are somehow cool in the summer and warm in the winter.”

Restoration Hardware

“RH does an excellent job of creating a unified color palette across their bedding and linens offering to ensure you can easily mix and match textures and tonal colors. “


“The percale sheet sets are so crisp and cool to the touch—perfect for summer heatwaves. And we love how easy they make it to purchase all the bedding (including the mattress!) you’ll need via their bundled sets.”