The Cigar Lover’s Accessories Edit

Smoking cigars is like any other pastime or passion: it comes with its own wide range of accessories and accoutrements. The wrong product could ruin the cigar you’ve been looking forward to: save a luxury cigar for months, then have it torn by a sub-standard cutter and you will wish you had invested more wisely. Secondly, the aesthetic—we pay close attention to what we wear, so why not make sure the accessories we carry are just as stylish? From cases to cutters to home humidors, this guide will ensure you have the perfect mix of function and form—and not to mention, makes for the perfect gift wish list for the cigar lover in your life.


Travel cases to keep cigars safe while in your pocket or bag are vital. Few things are as frustrating as arriving at your favorite cigar spot to find the wrapper of the stick you brought has torn in transit. Here are a few examples that will keep them safe and in style.


A good, sharp cutter is essential to cigar enjoyment. It allows us to remove the cap from our stick and choose the size of the space our cigar smoke travels through, impacting our perception of flavor. These options will help you get the best from your smoke every time.


Whether you opt for a traditional soft flame or a modern windproof jet, your lighter should be dependable and sturdy. Stylish men have carried elegant lighters for almost 100 years, so the options are out there to suit anyone’s taste. Here are some of the best.


A good humidor will keep your cigars in perfect condition for years on end, and double as a smart piece of furniture for your home. The best are lined in Spanish cedar—perfect for maintaining the humidity of your collection. No matter how you like to decorate your home, there will be a humidor available for you.

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