Favorite Restaurants From Around the World with From Scratch Host David Moscow

On actor and filmmaker David Moscow’s new series, From Scratch, the audience follows him on a worldwide expedition to find out what it takes to make a meal ‘from scratch’. After a chef presents him with a recipe, Moscow hunts, gathers, dives, forages, and even grows each ingredient until he has what he needs to create the dish.

The series focuses on the time, energy, and craftsmanship that goes into meals we might normally take for granted, and reminds us of the historical, geographical, and cultural components of food. Throughout this experience, Moscow has stumbled upon some of the greatest restaurants in the world. Here, he shares a few of his favorites.



“It may be the cliffside view, or that you have arrived via boat, or that you can cliff jump into the water while waiting for a table, or its the dessert room, but this place rocks. The fresh fish, the homemade pastas, and the wine list complete a rare experience.”

Photo Courtesy of Il Riccio
Photo Courtesy of Il Riccio

Via Gradola, 4 / 80071 Anacapri NA, Italy / 39.081.837.1380


“The chef yells a lot, and the wait staff is amusingly mean; the seating is cramped, and the food is out of this world. They start with a bread loaf and instead of butter, it comes with a big slab of delicious pâté. Traditional French casually done to perfection. I always get the rice pudding for dessert.”

Photo Courtesy of L’Ami Jean

27 Rue Malar / 75007 Paris, France /



“[Chefs] Walter and Margarita Manzke are mad geniuses. How can you be the perfect brunch spot, the perfect every night dinner spot, and special event dinner restaurant all in one? Great pasta, great duck, great bread. And Margarita makes pies to order. Her mango passionfruit is the best dessert ever.”

Photo Courtesy of République

624 S La Brea Ave / Los Angeles /  310.362.6115


“Amazing Asian fusion with a punk rock feel and great cocktails. My wife is Filipino and isn’t easy to please when places mess around with adobo or halo-halo. But she said it was her best meal in NY ever. And she has been to Eleven Madison Park.”

Photo Courtesy of Pig and Khao

68 Clinton St / New York, NY / 212.920.4485


“Is it a secret hole in the wall if everyone raves about it? When I want to wow out-of-towners and show them how legit LA’s food scene is, I take them here. There are few things on the menu, but the two-hour wait is for the Galbi Jjim specialty (a spicy, Korean short rib stew). With rice cake or without. Skip the cheese on top.” 

Photo Courtesy of Sun Nong Dan

3470 W 6th St #7 / Los Angeles / 213.365.0303


“Garlicy, tangy mojo is like mana from the gods, and this place has a great one. Whenever we are in Miami we stop here with friends and order a bunch of things to share from the buffet.” 

Photo Courtesy of El Palacio de los Jugos

1545 SW 27th Ave / Miami / 786.616.8913 + Multiple locations



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