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The Edit with Aaron Rodgers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, far, far away from the midwest, Aaron Rodgers is nothing short of a household name. The storied quarterback has played with the Green Bay Packers for the last 17 years, leading the team to Super Bowl glory in 2010, and is a four-time NFL MVP, becoming the fifth player to win consecutive MVP Awards, now trailing only Peyton Manning on the career list. 

But, of course, there’s more to the man than just the athlete. Below, Rodgers fills us in on what makes him tick off the field. Hint: a whole lot of Princess Bride.

What do you read daily for fun?

My texts.

Favorite podcast, currently?

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Favorite book growing up?

The Giver.

Favorite book now? 

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer.

Song, band, or album that brings you back? 

Saturn by Sleeping at Last.

Song you blast in the car? 

I am by Satsang.

Album that is the soundtrack to your life? 

 August and Everything After from Counting Crows.

Your first car? 

1986 Toyota Camry.

Your dream car? 

Not a car guy.

Favorite video game? 

Halo 3.

Your nerdiest hobby?

The New York Times Crossword.

Favorite junk food? 

Oreo Blizzard from DQ.

Dish you make when showing off for guests? 

One that my chef pre-made for me.

Your go-to cocktail? 

 Scotch on the rocks.

Movie you have seen the most times? 

The Princess Bride.

Favorite tearjerker? 

Good Will Hunting.

Favorite holiday movie? 

White Christmas.

Favorite sports movie?

Varsity Blues.

Favorite foreign film? 


TV series you can binge watch more than once? 

The Office.

Favorite TV show growing up? 

The Price is Right.

Character you dressed up as as a kid? 

My favorite sports star at the time.

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl.

How many hours a night of sleep do you need to function?


Favorite bar in the world? 

The bar at my house in Green Bay.

Place that makes you feel nostalgic? 

Lambeau Field.

Favorite restaurant anywhere? 

Chives in Suamico, Wisconsin.

Best sports moment of your life? 

 Winning the Super Bowl.