Our Favorite Health and Fitness Podcasts

Carbs: friend or foe? To keto or to macro? To cardio or to bench press? Vetting through the world of men’s health and fitness can be tricky at best. The constant contradictory influx of information tends to leave us pondering the same sets of questions ad infinitum. It becomes nearly impossible not to second guess our every method along the way.

To help, we’ve dug up the top tier podcasts we have found to be reliable sources of wellness and fitness education, and which, if nothing else, are bound to get you in the zone.


Look no further than the MindPump Podcast if you want a no-filter, science-backed low down on all things nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Justin Andrews and Adam Schafer discuss everything you need to know about fitness optimization – from how to lose fat without losing muscle to pain management, supplement use, how to manage a fitness plateau, and separating the facts versus fiction in regards to fitness myths and miracle solutions. The host’s are pro’s – a combination of coaches, IFBB competitors, and experts on fitness – so it makes sense that this podcast is the result of their frustrations with fitness industry marketing, myths, and its obvious need of profiting from insecurity. With their combined industry knowledge, they make it their mission to expose the “raw truth” behind the fitness and health industry while guiding you towards optimal performance and health.


Starting the week with a “motivation Monday” podcast is one of many reasons why you should indulge into the Muscle for Life podcast with Mike Matthews. Mike is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and fitness expert whose aim is to inspire you towards your goals. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, tackle a full body re-comp or focus on your overall fitness and health, Mike takes his audience through fact-based, science-backed content with other fitness thought leaders and experts. The Muscle for Life podcast is the perfect mix between motivational you-can-do-it content and interesting insight into the world of fitness, supplements, performance and training.


This under-the-radar pod is the best-kept secret when it comes to men’s health conversations. Who Cares About Men’s Health? is a podcast by The Scope from University of Utah Health.  Dr Troy Madsen and co-host Scot Singpiel want to bring men’s health to the forefront by having easy to understand conversations about how men can live healthier lives. Through The Scope, the University of Utah’s health department sheds light on new medical research and trends in the realm of health. This podcast is one subdivision that focuses entirely on men’s health with the hosts as self-described “regular guys just trying to live a healthy life.” This is a great podcast for someone who wants to learn about health with ease and without the added pressure of athleticism.


Jason Khalipa is a former professional CrossFit champion, athlete, and entrepreneur who knows a thing or do about putting in the work needed to succeed. His podcast, Effort over Everything discusses different aspects of training, recovery, business, competitions and prep, kids and recovery, and more. His podcast guests include the best fitness coaches in the world, fitness leaders, athletes, and even the guys from MindPump that we already told you to listen too. Jason says, “if it goes down in the gym, it’s fair game” as far as pod topics go. This is a great listen especially for those that want the perspective of someone well versed in the realm of CrossFit and conditioning.


Speaking of CrossFit, Ben Bergeron is a well-known author and Ironman Triathlete turned CrossFit trainer who believes that everyone can live a life of excellence with the right character traits. Ben coaches the fittest men and woman on earth along with many regular people, which is why he wrote a book and launched a podcast to help dissect how to help others on their quest to excellence. In the Chasing Excellence podcast, Ben and his co-host, Patrick Cummings, discuss topics such as wellness and nutrition, mental toughness, performance success, fitness comps, and even the role of fitness in relationships. This is the perfect podcast for someone who craves a little bit of everything on the topics of wellness, performance, and fitness. Ben’s motto for the show is that each episode will discuss the many aspects of athleticism and maximizing potential.


Ever wanted to be an IFBB pro? Then look no further for solid advice and opinions. The Power Project hosted by fitness expert, power lifter, inventor and entrepreneur, Mark Bell, covers a range of themes from nutritional advice, coaching, powerlifting techniques, and motivation. Mark’s that guy you inadvertently watch in the gym – you know, from the corner of your eye – because you simply can’t help but wonder how to get to his level of swole. Thankfully, this podcast gives you the ins and outs of powerlifting from a record holder himself and his co-hosts, Nsima Inyang and Andrew Zaragoza. Tune in for episodes that cover everything from strength and conditioning all the way to topics such as stress management. 


There is a reason why Shawn Stevenson’s podcast, The Model Health Show, is well acclaimed. Shawn is an expert nutritionist, author, and wellness professional who likes to talk all things health. The goal of his podcast is to help encourage his listeners along their health journeys. The Model Health Show features all types of health topics from weight loss and exercise to the science of insulin resistance, disease, hormones, sleep concerns, heart disease, fatigue and everything in between. Here, jump into an entertaining and no nonsense type of show that will help you understand how to better all facets of your health. 


Stronger by Science has content geared for those who really want research-supported facts on fitness and health. Hosts Eric Trexler and Greg Nuckols talk about everything from glycemic indexes to refeeds, supplement performance, goal setting, diet recovery, body recomposition and all things bodybuilding. Expect fun banter mixed with an informative point of view: Eric holds a PhD in Human Movement Science and is an author to many peer-reviewed research papers on body composition, exercise, and nutrition. Consider this podcast as one that can give you an insider point of view on the science of fitness and the research behind it. 


It’s 2022 – we cannot ignore the fact that many people are itching more and more towards plant-based diets. It is better for animals, the environment and our health (if done correctly), but plant-based fitness, bulking, and body composition can sometimes seem complicated. The Vegan Gym Podcast unpacks those myths and is perfect for those that are ready for a plant-based diet and who want to learn the fundamentals of being a fit vegan. Podcast host, Leif Arnesen took his cancer diagnosis at the age of 21 and turned it into an immediate overnight lifestyle change into Veganism. With his brother, Anders, they created a massive resource for Vegans with tons of free information, private trainers and a widely successful podcast. The podcast discusses many relevant topics such as goal setting, vegan protein sources, fitness methods and myths, motivation tips and more. This podcast is not only great for those that live a plant-based lifestyle but is also inspiring to those that want to dip their toes in.


Well-known actor, author, and fitness leader, Ethan Suplee knows a thing or two about massive weight loss. After spending a good sum of his life battling the complexity of yo-yo dieting and obesity, Ethan decided to transform his lifestyle to become the healthiest version of himself. One can only imagine the level of discipline, grit, and vision this journey required, but luckily, for us, he carved out a space to talk about it: his podcast, American Glutton. Through this platform, Ethan engages in important conversations about the realities of obesity, diet culture, motivation, and the truth behind how he went from 500 pounds to a 9% body fat percentage. Expect raw conversations about the ins and outs of weight loss: everything from guest perspectives (coaches, success stories, and expert opinions), gimmick diets, eating fears, body acceptance, and what to do with a lack of motivation. Uniquely, Ethan includes stories from his listeners – allowing you to participate in the dialogue. His personal life experiences mixed with his industry connections allow for an interesting blend of fitness and health related chats. This podcast is a good fit for someone who craves both inspiration and insight into the realities of dramatic weight loss and the road toward optimal health.   


Nike holds an incredibly powerful perspective on achievement; the idea that “greatness isn’t born, it’s trained.” This is the foundation of Nike’s podcast, Trained, which uncovers the basics and beyond of holistic fitness, mindset, recovery and nutrition. Hosted by Jaclyn Byrer and featuring wellness experts, thought-leaders, researchers, fitness professionals, athletes, doctors, and psychologists, the Trained podcast is for those that want deeper insight on topics that relate to achievement, wellness, and excellence. You’ll leave this podcast with a better understanding on what’s new in the fitness and training world, but also the tools needed to help you live a stronger, healthier, and happier life.